scb | Engineering Insurance
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For all types of construction (on – or off-shore), erection of machinery, machinery and electronic equipment.


Super Structures (office, condominiums, shopping complexes, etc.); Manufacturing Facilities (MDF Board, sugar refinery, livestock and agricultural products, medical gloves, etc.); Power Plant, Dams and Reservoirs; Cable Laying (on land, underground or under water); Infrastructures (roads including highways, rails including mass transit rail system, sea ports, etc.); Underground water tunnels, etc.

Machinery Erection

Erection and installation of machinery for production facilities.

Machinery Breakdown

All types of machinery, equipment and accessories used in production of goods.

Boiler & Pressure Vessels

All types of boilers, whether oil-fired or gas-fired or others; or other vessels operating under pressure.

Electronic Equipment

Computers, etc.

Types of Insurance : Contract Works Insurance, Machinery Erection Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Boiler & Pressure                                                                                    Vessels Insurance, Electronic Equipment Insurance, etc.