Engineering Insurance

For any scales of on-or-off shore construction and extensive forms of machinery associated risks.
Construction Engineering

For unlimited sizes of construction projects from housing to super structures (office, condominiums, shopping complex, etc.) and expansive manufacturing Facilities (MDF Board, Sugar Refinery, Livestock and Agricultural products, Medical Gloves, etc.); Power Plant, Dams and Reservoirs; Cable Laying (on land, underground or under water); Infrastructures (roads including highways, rails including mass transit rail system, sea ports, etc.); Underground water tunnels, etc.

Machinery Erection

To cover accidental damage caused by erecting or installing of machines.

Machinery Breakdown

To cover accidental damage caused by accidental breakdown of production machines.

Contractor’s Plant and Machinery

To cover accidental damage to machines and equipment installation for production of goods.

Boiler & Pressure Vessels

To cover accidental damage caused by any types of boiler and pressuse operated vessels.

Electronic Equipment

Computers, Electronic Systems etc.

Insurance Application
Types of Insurance

Contract Works Insurance, Machinery Erection Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Boiler & Pressure Vessels Insurance,

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