What We Do

As an intermediary, our main task is to seek the best and most suitable insurance products for a potential insurance buyer from a reputable and financially sound risk carrier. In this respect, our mission is not just simply to sell the insurance products but rather to help our clients to understand the insurance products that are available to them.

Take the requirement from a client

Meet with the client to acquire initial information with regards to the type of business, contractual obligations, specific requests, etc.

Review options

Review the information and identify the risks associated with the operations and/or contractual obligations.

Formulate a solution

Put together a solution that covers and is most suitable for the risks.

Market such solution to a select number of reputable risk carriers

Approach insurance companies of choice, with consideration heavily on financial strength, ability to support the proposal, reputation on loss reimbursement and other related services.

Negotiate for the best terms and conditions

Obtain agreement from insurance companies to the solution or negotiate for terms and conditions that are nearest to the solution.

Result submission

Inform client of the bargaining results for consideration.

As soon as the client is satisfied with all the insurance aspects being purchased. We will coordinate with the Insurer to issue the Insurance Policy. Prior to having the Insurance Policy delivered to the Insured, as correctness is crucial, we will carefully examine the Policy to ensure the expected perfection. Despite the Insurance Premium being paid, throughout the Insurance period, we will consistently provide the Insured with utmost Insurance related assistance such as coverage clarifying and loss indemnity claims.