Miscellaneous Insurance

A trendy tailor-made insurance product covering highly-technical devices such as computers, notebooks, iPads, mobile phones, gadgets, drones and personal cybers against accidental damage to insured device; liability arises from use of insured device and product warranty shortfall of insured device.
All Risks Coverages

Against accidental damage, loss, screen breakage and submergence of insured device.

Extended Warranty

Provides extra 2-3 year warranty period of coverages, for insured device, to which originally provided by maker.

Third Party Liability

Insure against legal Liabilities arising from use of drone.

Types of Insurances

All Risks Property Insurance, Device Extended Warranty Insurance, Drone Liability Insurance and Personal Cyber Risk Insurance.

Information Required

1. Purchase receipt
2. Description, brand, model and number of devices
3. Serial number of device
4. Date of purchase
5. Price(s)

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