Property Insurance

For any risk categories
Residential Risk

Residence of all classes subjects contained therein

Commercial Risk

Office Building, Hotel, Department Store, Shopping Complex, Shop House, etc., and subjects annexed thereto and contained therein

Industrial Risk

Production and Manufacturing Facilities of all types, including machinery and related systems and stock/inventory therein.

Types of Insurance

Fire Insurance, Accidental Damage (Property) Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance

The table of Coverage Comparison

Coverage Dwelling SME Commercial /
Industrial Risk
Standard Special Standard Special 1 Special 2
Explosion Add on
Aircraft Add on
Vehicle Impact Add on
Water Damage Add on
Strike, Riot or Malicious Act Add on Add on
Windstorm Add on Add on
Hail Add on Add on
Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption,
Tidal Wave, Tsunami
Add on Add on
Flood Add on Add on Add on Add on
Electrical injury Add on Add on Add on
Burglary (B.2)
Money (M.2)
Public Liability
Personal Accident

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