Mr. Sanchai Phisuthichinawong
Advisor to the Executive Board

A highly regarded insurance and reinsurance broker
who is recognized in the insurance industry
for his wide-ranging experiences which he has acquired since 1971.
Email sanchai.p@siamconsultants.co.th

Mr. Wirachai Areephongsa
Executive Chairman

An experienced insurance broker who started his
career in 1971 and has held various managerial positions until becoming
Executive Chairman in 2012.
Email wirachai.a@siamconsultants.co.th

Mr. Somchai Krisnavarin
Chief Executive Officer

Started work in 1982 as a reinsurance broker with the company
and moved to manage affiliated reinsurance broking company
until called back to become Managing Director of the Company in December 2012.
Appointed as Chief Executive Officer effective from January 1, 2022.
Email somchai.k@siamconsultants.co.th

Joined the Company in 1990 in the Marketing Department
and appointed as Manager – Marketing in 1996
and General Manager in 2009.
In 2011, assigned to look after Marketing Department, Technical Department,
and Claim Department in the position of Assistant Managing Director – Operations.
Promoted to Deputy Managing Director from 2018.
Appointed as Managing Director effective from January 1, 2022.
Email pramuk.a@siamconsultants.co.th

Mr. Pramuk Areephongsa
Managing Director
Mr. Boonyong Vongsri
Deputy Managing Director

With more than 30 year experience,
working in leading insurance companies at managerial levels
and as guest speaker for many private and government organizations.
Joined the company as Deputy Managing Director in December 2020.
Email boonyong.v@siamconsultants.co.th

Joined the Company in 1987 in the Claims Servicing Department.
Briefly transferred to Taksin Consultants as General Manager in 1990
before returning to the Company look after the Claims Servicing Department
as Manager and Senior Manager respectively
and later promoted to the current position in 2021.
Email virapong.s@siamconsultants.co.th

Mr. Virapong Sri-Moung
Assistant Managing Director – Claim Servicing
Ms. Sripunya Suphasithichun
Assistant Managing Director – Accounting & Finance

Was with the company in the Accounting Department from 1982 to 1988
and rejoined the company
as Senior Manager – Accounting & Finance in 2011
and later promoted to the current position in 2021.
Email sripunya.s@siamconsultants.co.th

Joined the company in 1996 in the Claim Servicing Department
and assigned to handle the corporate client section before appointed
as Assistant Manager – Marketing in 2006 and Manager in 2011.
Promoted to the current position from 2018.
Email prasert.e@siamconsultants.co.th

Mr. Prasert Ekpornprasit
Senior Manager – Marketing
Ms. Apinya Thamrongdullapark
Manager – Technical

Joined the company in 1992 in the Claim Servicing Department
and moved to Technical Department in 2004 to liaise with the clients and insurers
and appointed as Assistant Manager – Technic in 2006. Promoted to the current position in 2011.
Email apinya.t@siamconsultants.co.th

Joined the company in 1991 in the Technical Department
and moved to the Marketing Department in 1993 as the Secretary of Department
before becoming Account Executive in 1995.
In 2006, appointed to Assistant Manager – Marketing with responsibility to look after the Corporate
and Personal Client. Promoted to the current position from 2018.
Email oranee.t@siamconsultants.co.th

Ms. Oranee Taemkongka
Manager – Marketing
Mr. Phumin  Tanasumpunkul
Manager – Claim Servicing

Joined the Company as Assistant Manager in Claim Servicing (Claim) in 2017.
Fully experienced in handling of many classes of insurance claims and a proven coordinator
between insured and insurance company. Promoted to the current position in 2022.
Email  phumin.t@siamconsultants.co.th

Joined the company in 1993 as the Secretary of Chairman
and Managing Director and assigned to look after the Human Resources
and Administration Department since 2012. Promoted to the current position from 2018.
Email tevikar.o@siamconsultants.co.th

Ms. Tevikar Ormprist
Manager – Human Resources